The Camel Club Will Be Meeting On Zoom  at 12:00 PM & 5:30 PM 7 Days a Week. Log in Using the Button Below at 11:45 AM & 5:15 PM

The Password for All Camel Club Meetings is Undrunk99

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12 Step Recovery Raleigh NC AA NA CA

 Meetings @ the Club

Drop by for a meeting and hang out for a while. Use our quiet sponsor room to do some step work and if you like to read, we’ve got a little lending library too. You can pick up literature or buy a medallion at the Simple Solutions Book Store.   

AA Tri-County Intergroup

Find meetings in Franklin, Wake and Warren Counties.


Cocaine Anonymous in NC

You can find meetings in North Carolina here.


Narcotics Anonymous in NC

You can look up an NA meeting around the Triangle here.

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