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How long have you been coming to the club?  A year? 2, 5, 10?  That’s a lot of coffee! Chances are good you’ve had a burger or two, picked at pig, danced once or twice, shared a holiday, heard a great speaker or picked up a chip. Help keep the lights on the coffee hot- become a Camel Club member today!

Now’s the time.

The Camel Club is always open, there are always meetings – coffee’s on the house. Ever stop to think about how that happens? The Camel Club relies on member dues to keep all of the life-saving meetings and social activities going.

Why Not Become a Member?

It’s only $15.00 a month – to keep the place going for the next round of newcomers.

  • Free admission to “Camel Club” sponsored events.
  • Voting privileges on club policies and operations.
  • A chance to help keep the doors open and the lights on for the next round of newcomers.
  • Rent the club at a discount for your group or individual event.

Keep coming back.

You’re always welcome, there’s no obligation.  But if the club has played a part in your sobriety, your membership will help us be there for someone else.


  • Pay $15 per month or $180 for the year.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

Use Square to pay online now.

(Once you’re a member you will get very occasional emails about board elections or special events.)

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